SLIMMING SWEAT PANTS Provides Anti Cellulite Slimming Benefits

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  • BYE BYE WATER WEIGHT - Our Slimming Sweat Pants lock in your body heat, creating a sauna around your midsection when you're working out. As a result, the sweat pants help you shed water weight and promote a flatter tummy.
  • PROMOTE SMOOTHER, FIRMER SKIN - Highly effective cellulite pants, helping to reduce fatty deposits and liberate toxins from areas of dimpled skin. With regular wear, our sweat pants can give you smoother skin.
  • STAY COMFORTABLE- Won't leave you feeling uncomfortable or overheated! Our neoprene features breathable fibers that allow air to reach your skin for your comfort.
  • JUST THE RIGHT SIZE - The form fitting anti cellulite sweat pants fit like a second skin, and won't limit your range of movement when you're working out.
  • Stimulates sweating to help burn fat quicker.

  • Breathable and moisture repelling material.

  • Lightweight and comfortable construction.

  • Can be worn discreetly under clothing.

Materials: 55% neoprene, 22.5% polyester, 22.5% nylon

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